Life Essence Podcast #06

Download here: Life Essence Podcast #06

Life Essence Podcast #06 by Max Cue on Mixcloud

listen01. Boss Axis & Steklo “Find ‘n’ Hide” (Mirco Niemeier Remix) | Parquet
02. Edu Imbernon Feat. Rosina “Ditto” (Rodriguez Jr. Remix) | Eklektisch
03. Roel Hoogendoorn “Next To The Neon Light” | Traum
04. Fairmont “Last Dance” (Ewan Pearson Instrumental) | My Favorite Robot
05. Max Cue & Travis MacDonald “Still Waters” (Max Farlane Remix) | Agara Music
06. Electric Rescue “The Rave Child” (Ryan Davis Cinematic Rebuild) | Bedrock
07. Timo Chinala “The Sound Of You Walking Away” | Manual Music
08. Luc Angenehm “Korona” | Traum
09. D-Mand “Weltesser” (Aparde Remix) | Blendwerk
10. Antrim “Life To Peace” (Van Bellen Remix) | Sound Avenue
11. Andreas Brunner “Amare” (Minimal Version) | Maripoza

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Life Essence Podcast #17: Van Did LIVE

I’d like to present you, Montreal’s finest, mister Van Did! Well known for his extraordinary melodic productions on labels as Traum, SixtySevenSuns, Manual Music and of course his own imprint Grrreat Recordings. I’m honored to have him as my guest for this episode, for which he recorded a special LIVE performance! Enjoy an hour of new exiting stuff, with Van Did LIVE! Download here: [download id="2209" template="title"]
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Life Essence Podcast #16 Pt.2: Liho

Listen | Download: Episode 16 Pt.2 of the Life Essence Podcast Series, compiled and mixed by Liho. Download here: [download id="2192" template="title"] 01. Robert Babicz "Shifting Reality" | Bedrock 02. Timo Maas "Watching The Robots" | My Favorite Robot 03. Hunter Game "Ice" | Innervisions 04. Ian O'Donovan "Atoll" | Bedrock 05. Tim Engelhardt "Der Rosenteich" | Traum 06. Juan Deminicis "Strange" (Dale Middleton Remix)| Moonchild 07. Boss Axis "Riviera" (Microtrauma Remix) | Parquet 08. Chymera "Shadowdancer" (Gregor Tresher Remix)| Break New Soil 09. Moderat "Bad Kingdom" (Dj Koze Remix) | Monkeytown 10. Gregor Tresher "The Now People" | Great Stuff
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Life Essence Podcast #16 Pt.1: Max Cue

Listen | Download: Episode 16 Pt.1 of the Life Essence Podcast Series, compiled and mixed by Max Cue. Download here: [download id="2187" template="title"] 01. N'to "Monkey Man" | Hungry Music 02. Sid Le Rock "Burning Daylight" (Dub Mix) | My Favorite Robot 03. Avatism & Forrest "Different Spaces" (Lake People Remix) | Vakant 04. Luca Ballerini "L’Eternita Di Un Attimo" | Cocoon 05. Michael A & Mou (EG) "Ghost Island" | Particles 06. Roman Flügel & Simian Mobile Disco "Hashinoko" | Delicacies 2013 07. Flowers And Sea Creatures & Villanova (FR) "5 O’clock In The Morning" (Club Mix) | My Favorite Robot 08. Bob Barker "Rondel" (Ryan Davis Reshape) | Catch 09. Norwell "Lone Star" | Beachcoma 10. Clarian & Uchi "Floating In The Wind" | My Favorite Robot
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Life Essence Podcast #15 Pt.2: Sonic Union

Download here: [download id="2118" template="title"] Episode 15 Pt.2 of the Life Essence Podcast Series, compiled and mixed by Sonic Union. Tracklist: 01. Mike Griego "Detune Me" | Sudbeat 02. LoQuai "The Native Language" (Danny Lloyd Remix) | Particles 03. DNYO & GRG "Empty Glass" (Juan Deminicis Remix) | Flow Vinyl 04. Chicola "Maganda" (Dark Soul Project In The Schualle Room Mix) | Proton Music 05. Luis Junior "Karma Calling" | Manual Music 06. Guy Mantzur & Khen "Highway Of Regrets" | Plattenbank 07. Stelios Vassiloudis & One Of Them "Back And Forth" (Estroe Remix) | Tulipa Recordings 08. Antrim "Free Spirit" (Darin Epsilon Remix) | Classound Recordings 09. David Granha "Catch Me" (Pedro Aguiar Remix) | microCastle 10. Michael & Levan and Stiven Rivic "Unicorn" (Subandrio Remix) | Lowbit
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Life Essence Podcast #15 Pt.1: Max Cue

Listen | Download: Episode 15 Pt.1 of the Life Essence Podcast Series, compiled and mixed by Max Cue. Download here: [download id="2116" template="title"] 01. Dustin Nantais "Foretold" | Manual Music 02. Luis Junior "Everything Is Possible" | Manual Music 03. E-Spectro "Stone Garden" | Blendwerk 04. Sezer Uysal "Le Grand Labyrinthe" | Manual Music 05. Mehmet Akar & Murat Ustun "Koza" | L3D Music 06. Sandji "Mr. Moodswing" (Micrologue Remix) | MNL 07. Lanny May "Everyday Objects" | Maripoza 08. Funkbrainer "Elevator" | Blendwerk 09. Andreas Brunner "Immerwährend" | Blendwerk 10. Philip James De Vries "A Horse With Children's Feet" | Wide Angle 11. Dominik Eulberg & Extrawelt "A Little Further (Not On A Map)" | Cocoon
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Save the dates!

July 31st, 2014 Save the dates! Sept. 8th: Pre-release of the album which includes the track "Nothing Personal" w/ remixes by Groj and Luis Junior! Oct. 6th: Release "Mindfulness", my new album on Manual Music!
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The war must come to an end…

July 30th, 2014 I'm feeling lost when thinking of the current situation in the world, war all over the globe. All my love and support for the families who lost there loved ones in these conflicts.
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July 25th, 2014 This fall... "Mindfulness" on Manual Music, including 11 original tracks.
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3 tracks featured in “The Best Of Agara Music”

July 21st, 2014 OUT NOW! "The Best Of Agara Music", including the tracks "Touching Hands", "One Last Breath" and "Bending Time"! Thanks to Travis MacDonald for this selection! Half price if you buy the whole album and support my fellow artists!
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