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Town Remixed (Cinematique)
Giorgos Gatzigristos "Town" (Max Cue Remix)
Leaves EP (Neko Music)
Roi Koch "Flomanco" (Max Cue Remix)
Manualism 7.0 (Manual Music)
Max Cue "Fading Mirror"
Tranquillity (3rd Avenue)
Dmitry Molosh "Tranquillity" (Max Cue Remix)
Leaving Planet Earth EP
01. Pole Shift 02. Leaving Planet Earth 03. The Isle Of Avalon
Miracles EP
01. Miracles 02. Doodles
Friends Around The World LP
Max Cue "One Last Breath"
The Rainbow Coloured Skies EP
"The Rainbow Coloured Skies" EP, 2 originals and Micrologue & L_cio Remix
Dominion EP
Max Cue & Travis MacDonald "Dominion" EP, 2 originals and Max Farlane Remix
Smooth Alternatives Pt.2
Max Cue "Places Of Worship" (Max Cue's Indistinct Remix)
Minea (Grrreat Recordings)
HRN "Minea" (Max Cue Remix)
Chocola (Green Martian)
Jimmy Galle "Chocola" (Max Cue Strawberry Remix)
Spring Selection (Inlab Recordings)
Do Not Hesitate




As promised, the most popular track of my album of 2011 will be available for download! Enjoy a FREE version of “Tibo”!

max cue archangel

Download “Tibo”

RadioShow Mehmet Akar

Download “2nd Ressurection July 2013 @ Frisky Radio”


01. Matias Vila “Volviendo Al Principio” (3rd Avenue)
02. Gabriel Ananda “In Between” (Microtrauma Remix) (Monique Musique)
03. Antrim “Life To Peace” (Van Bellen Mix) (Sound Avenue)
04. Traumer “Escape” (IRM)
05. Willy Real & David Prap “Sugar Dance” (Idiot Idols Remix) (Inlab)
06. Philip James De Vries “Itslikea” (Cora Novoa Remix) (Wide Angle)
07. Marcelo Paladini “Gumdrops” (Matias Vila Remix) (Agara Music)
08. Mauro Norti “Touching Hands” (Max Cue Remix) (Agara Music)
09. Rob Clouth “The Bridge And The Lights” (Traum)
10. Avus “Staring Into One Eye” (Shabu)


Download “Rezongar Podcast #2”


01. Matteo Floris & Fabio Caria “Points Of View” [RZG055]
02. Plagz “Amazing” [RZG052]
03. Modul “Home” (Noraj Cue Remix) [RZG031]
04. Silvia “Walking” (Kay Remix) [RZG041]
05. Pep Bago “Big City Nights” (Max Cue Remix) [RZG051]
06. Anees “Egypt’s Western Desert” (Enrico Trevis Remix) [RZG028]
07. Oliver Lieb “Melting” (Adrian Hour Remix) [RZG038]
08. Toton “Finish Line” (Nadia Struiwigh Remix) [RZG043]
09. Franco Kaus “Isaias” (Max Farlane Remix) [RZG063]
10. Daneel “High Noon” (Ezequiel Marotte Remix) [RZG027]
11. Andres W. “Xul Solar” [RZG048]
12. Leandro Dutra “Disclosure” [RZG036]


Download “Encore Guest Mix June 2013”


01. Max Cue & Travis MacDonald “Still Waters” (Agara Music)
02. Mehmet Akar “Take Care Of Yourself” (Sound Avenue)
03. Matias Vila “Volviendo Al Principio” (3rd Avenue)
04. Rasmus Dupont “Visceral” (Body Condition)
05. Mauro Norti “The Cliff” (D-Mand Remix) (Agara Music)
06. Beat Syndrome “Tsunami” (Sound Avenue)
07. Silicone Soul “Dogs Of Les Ilhes” (Kollektiv Turmstrasse Remix) (Soma)
08. Max Cue “Sunrise” (Full Flava)
09. COMA “Cycle” (Kompakt)
10. Dale Middleton “Homage” (Luke Porter Remix) (Outside The Box)
11. Trinity & Beyond “City Lights” (Manual Music)
12. HRN “Minea” (Max Cue Remix) (Grrreat Recordings)

The Freakshow Batofar Paris April 26th 2013

Download “Max Cue Live @ The Freakshow, Batofar, Paris”


01. Pan/Tone “Rescue Me” (Ryan Davis Remix)
02. Eelke Kleijn “Eenvoud”
03. Mitrinique “Saturday” (Eelke Kleijn Dark Matter Remix)
04. Microtrauma “Solitone”
05. Nathan Fake “The Sky Was Pink” (James Holden Remix)
06. Blokc & Groj “Fourhorn”
07. Ryan Davis & Electric Rescue “Roam”
08. Monaque “Introspecto”
09. Stephan Bodzin “Papillon”
10. Makson “Oeuvre” (JibĂ« Remix)
11. James Holden “A Break In The Clouds”
12. Blokc “In Transit” (Van Did Remix)

FREE DOWNLOAD! Thanks for all your support! :)


Download “Enlightenment”



Ryan Davis “Entangled Lives” (Traum)
Liz Cirelli “I Pray” (Dawad Remix) (Klangwelt)
Mauro Norti “You and Me” (Max Cooper Remix) (Wide Angle)
Oliver Schories “Bombay Sunrise” (Microtrauma Remix) (Parquet)
Max Cue “Der Anfang vom Ende” (Aurex Remix) (USA Import)
Rommulus “Ambre” (10dens Liveset Remix) (Promo)
Oovation “I am Confused” (Van Did Remix) (Promo)
Lanny May “Four Trees” (Cinematique)
Luke Abbott “Modern Driveway” (Notown)
Frank Wiedemann, Ry “Howling” (Ame Remix) (Innervisions)
Spada “Norah” (Monique Musique)


Olivier Valles “Good Bye Manuella” (Cardiowave Remix) (Inlab)
Microtrauma “Solitone” (Traum)
Sheef Lentzki “Lucifer” (Teho Remix) (Phantom)
Mono Electric Orchestra “Indifference” (4×4 Revised Mix) (Manual)
Damabiah “La Machine Humaine” (Cid Inc Remix) (Natura Sonoris)
David McAlmont, Michael Nyman “Secrets, Accusations and Charges” (Max Cooper Deconstruction) (Last Night on Earth)
Nonus “Dollars” (Max Cue Remix) (Progrezo)
Deepfunk “Apples and Apricots” (Groj Remix) (Wide Angle)
10dens “In a Distant World” (Inlab)
N’to “Every Wall is a Door” (Parquet)
Worakls “Insolence” (Inlab)
Ryan Davis “Beluga” (Traum)
Paul Hazendonk “Sunburnt” (Max Cue Remix) (Manual)


Andy Verschaeren aka Max Cue is a producer and dj from Antwerp city, who’s biggest influences are spread over eras and many different genres. (Thom Yorke, Serj Tankian, James Holden, Aaron Funk, Roisin Murphy, Johann Sebastian Bach, Ludwig Van Beethoven, Chinmaya Dunster, Laurent Garnier)

He has been obsessed with music since the age of 12. Producing his first sounds with Fast Tracker at the age of 16, then developing his talent with Fruity Loops and later on using Ableton Live.

Spinning the wheels has been a passion for a long time now, starting with trance & techno, followed by a darker period with hardcore and breakcore, which resulted in his darker melancholic style as you already have heard.

His releases received support by Laurent Garnier, Hernan Cattaneo, Max Cooper, Dyno, Dr. Motte, Franco Bianco, Paul Oakenfold, Sasha and even more.

Appearing on labels as:
MNL, Manual Music, Cinematique, Agara, Inlab, USA Import, Sonoptix, …

“Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosphy. Music is the electrical soil in which the spirit lives, thinks and invents.” Ludwig van Beethoven

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